My favourite reads

Under construction. Terrible guide to narrative non-fiction; just-about-ok guide to my taste.

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  • Boomtown girl – Peter Hessler (2001)
    In 1980, the Chinese government gives Shenzhen the status of Special Economic Zone, where free market reforms are tested. It becomes home to a social experiment; its population explodes from 300,000 to more than four million. The average Shenzhen resident is less than 29 years old. 
    Ma Li moves there.
  • 15 seconds with David Beckham – Adam Baidawi (2013)
    The offer has been laid out. A one-on-one interview with David Beckham. At a party. For 15 seconds. One question, two maybe. Also: I’m not sure it’s definitely David Beckham.
  • Dr Don – Peter Hessler (2011)
    The life of a small-town druggist.
  • World Football Cup an alternative to FIFA and a lesson in geopolitics – Matthew Engel (2018)
    World’s dispossessed and never-will-be nations have been brought together in a tournament hosted by a small Somali port but being played in London.
  • Tales of the trash – Peter Hessler (2014)
    A neighborhood garbageman explains modern Egypt.