Centre for Investigative Journalism: talk on fundraising

On Saturday 1 April 2017, I was invited to give a coffee break talk at Goldsmiths University London on New Internationalist‘s Community Share Offer, during the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s Community Journalism conference.

I was part of the team co-ordinating New Internationalist‘s CSO on website and social media channels.

New Internationalist‘s Community Share Offer ran for five weeks between 1 March and 6 April 2017, and was an incredible success. It sought to raise £500,000, and ended up raising over £700,000 – the biggest CSO in media history – while also raising the magazine’s profile and attracting considerable press attention.

A CSO is a crowdfunding campaign in which readers and interested people can invest in an organisation in exchange for shares. The organisation then becomes a multi-stakeholder co-operative. The business model has been used frequently to save pubs and assets important to communities, but its use in the media is more recent and innovative. You can find out more on communityshares.org.uk.


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